1. ASA Membership gives access to a number of Benefits : These benefits are not offered, administered or the responsibility of the Oldham Seals ASC as they are part of your individual ASA membership benefits. Go to the following ASA web site for details


ASA benefits, as of April 2017, include:

Current ASA Membership Offers

Get 40% off TYR kit

ASA Members can save 40% on everything at tyr-shop.co.uk.

Every member’s code is unique and can only be used three times per calendar year. Your individual discount code is the first three letters of your surname followed by your ASA membership number.

Membership numbers must include seven digits. If your membership number is less than seven digits long, add the appropriate amount of 0s (zeroes). For example, John Smith’s, ASA membership number is 98765 so his TYR code is SMI0098765.”

Oldham Seals ASC are providing this as information only, the club does not take any responsibility for the provision of this benefit. Any issues should be directed to the ASA, http://www.swimming.org