Club Membership renewal for 2018 is now open and should be complete by the end of the year. For renewals made by the end of 2017, the fees will remain unchanged despite ASA and County fee increases for 2018. Completion and payment of your renewal by the end of 2017 will also allow swimmers to enter the Oldham Seals Club Championships.

NOTE that members who joined the club in 2017, their membership expires at the end of the year and will need to renew membership for 2018.

Fees paid after 31/12/2017 will be at the 2018 Membership fee rates and will not include Club Championship entry.

Fees that are not paid by 31/1/2018 will mean that the swimmers will be excluded from training for insurance purposes until ASA membership has been re-established – the ASA also will levy a £5.00 administration charge for late renewals which will be passed on to the applicant if payment is later than 31/1/2018.

Details of the Membership fees and process are detailed on the Oldham Seals web-site – Select the “Members” page :

Applications for renewal of membership are to be made using the online form on the Oldham Seals web-site “MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM 2018” – located under the Members header :

Once Applications have been submitted, please make payment by one of the methods defined in the document, then please complete the “MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT CONFIRMATION” form :

When you submit the application, you should receive an e-mail confirmation. If you have any problems, please use the Contact form and we will get back to you with help on this process.

Membership 2018

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