Oldham Seals Amateur Swimming Club has been at the heart of the local swimming community for over a century. The club has taken many forms over the years with different names , badges and swimming homes. Evidence has been found that show the club to have been involved in local swimming exhibitions as early as 1910. Up to the 1960s the club operated out of Lowermoore Baths in Oldham and had somewhere along the line changed its name to Lowermoore Swimming Club. When Lowermoore Baths was closed in 1967 the club had a brief 10 year stay at Oldhams Central Baths before moving into the  new (at the time)Oldham Sports Stadium. During this transition the club changed its name to Oldham Amateur Swimming club eventually adding Seals back to the title in the late 20th century. 

The Oldham Sports Stadium or ‘Old Oldham’ as its known around the club closed its doors for the last time in 2016 and today Oldham Seals ASC operates out of the newly built Oldham Sports Centre with excellent modern facilities and easy access from all areas of Oldham.