Oldham Seals are entering Blackpool Rocks 2018 Gala on 4th 5th and 6th May 2018

Closing date for entries is Friday 9th March @ 18.00hrs prompt as it’s a first come first served Gala and it does get very busy

Entry Form :                               Blackpool Rocks Entry Form

Entry Consideration Times :   Blackpool Rocks Consideration Times

Consideration Times :: 

There are consideration times (lower limit and upper limit) for this Meet.

Submitted times must be equal to or faster than the lower limit time and slower than the upper limit time. 25m pool times or converted 50m times should be submitted.

The requirement of having achieved a consideration time relies significantly on the integrity of coaches, swimmers and parents to submit correct truthful information.

No refunds for mistakes. Random checks will be made against the current ASA rankings database for times achieved since 1 May 2017.

Swimmers found to have a current rankings time as at the closing date for entries faster than the upper consideration time will be rejected from those events.

Promoters Rules :                     Blackpool Rocks Promoter’s Condition

Programme of Events :           Blackpool Rocks Programme of Events