Results of the Club Championships and Time Trials are published on the web site, BUT for Data Protection we are only publishing the Swimmers names with the Parent / Guardian permission which can be given through the form on the CLUB TIME TRIALS page.

Any swimmers that do not have Parent / Guardian agreement to use their name, their Age and Times will be published with their names Removed – I have added their Oldham Seals Membership number which will be published for reference in any correspondence. If you do not wish to have your child’s name published you can use this number as your reference to the information, if you do not know your membership number please raise a query on the contact page and we shall send you the information.

Any swimmers that do not show as having a 2018 Membership Application Form or are not registered on the ASA website will have their name, membership number and age shown as N/A – you can contact a member of the Membership Team for information.

Other causes of a Childs name is not displaying and the Agreement forms are in place may be due to differences in the information provided (i.e. mis-spelling of names, applications made that have more than 1 child name on the form) – please use 1 agreement form per child.

Any queries, please raise them through a contact form.

Please be aware, this is not done automatically – this takes a lot of manual intervention to update this information so please don’t expect immediate update when submitting the form – it will be updated when time permits. 

Time Trials Info Update

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